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Interview with Carolyn Baird

1 - Where stay located the Wisbech city? do you like to live here? tell me about cultures, places you like here.

Wisbech is a small market town where I was born, although I grew up in the countryside nearby on a farm. I don't actually live there anymore. It has some really cute places and a lot of history, in fact I shall write some children's books based there!. Wisbech has a Castle.... well a large English house that says it's a Castle! It is right in the middle of a Crescent, just like in the movie Oliver! There are underground tunnels and apparently Guy Fawkes was imprisoned there after attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament! Goodness! Do you have the children's books Thomas the Tank Engine in America? They were written by a Vicar nearby in a village called Emneth and are stories of when trains and trams ran between Outwell, Upwell and Wisbech. When I was little life in Wisbech was very " English" now like the rest of the world there are many cultures.

2 - About your style, what do you like to wear? 

I love being a woman! I love denim and lace, pink, black and cream, I prefer pale denim. I like country girl style with plaid shirts over vest tops and lace. I like long dresses.......... I just love fashion!

3 - Very interesting you put ‘Gertrude and Agnes' the name of your blog. They were your grandmothers, tell me more about it.

Gertrude and Agnes were my Grandmothers, family is so important. I am a Grandmother now and love it! My grandchildren call me Nanny, as I look back on my childhood they were the magical part. They took me on trips to the beach or knitted dolls clothes for me, Agnes even made most of my clothes! Yes I absolutely want to be like them, naming my Blog after them was a sign of respect and thanks.

4 - About food, what do you like to eat? What the most different thing have you already tried?

I love most foods, Mexican and Indian and of course good old English roast dinners! What I actually love are the sauces that go with them, home made apple sauce after picking the apples, growing mint and making mint sauce and what can beat cranberry sauce on the stove! I like lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and try to grow as much as possible. Cinnamon and honey are pretty much added to everything in our home! I don't think I've ever tried anything outrageous.... maybe I should!

5 - Why did you move from London? Tell me more about the places and things you like there.

I went to London when I was a teenager to train to be a hairdresser and fell in love with the place! I think I fell in love long before I moved there as my Mum was born there. She was adopted when she was three and a half, I still have many discoveries to make and things to learn about her beginnings in Lambeth within the sound of Bow Bells. London is full of magic, especially down the little side streets and sitting in the street Cafe's. It is a beautiful place.

6 - Do you have many traditions in Christimastime ?  

Christmas....... oh how I love Christmas...... which begins at Thanksgiving of course. I know I am English, but what better way is there to focus on the true meaning of Christmas than "borrowing" your Holiday and having traditions to remind us to be thankful! One thing I did when my children were little was to get the old fashioned paper chains and each time they were thankful for something, or someone, or they did something for someone they got to put another link on the paper chain. The idea being to hang as many as possible! My birthday is Christmas Eve, how perfect is that?! Hence my name Carolyn.... they were singing Christmas Carols when I was born!

7 - About your cancer, what would like to say ?

Cancer was the best "thing" that ever happened to me, I realised my self worth, gained self esteem and came to know how strong I was! I discovered the "naked" me. no hair, eyelashes or eyebrows. I discovered that we do, but can't judge anybody. Life is so precious and when it's on the line you fight for it, it put the precious, the adventure, the goals back into life....because I nearly lost it! Life is amazing, our family history, our roots,experimenting with style, eating and exercising, where we live, our traditions and the things we have been through. Every day is a gift... the present.... our present.... and not only is it a gift for each of us individually, but a gift to share with each other so that we can help each other to be the very best we can be! My motto for life is " Kia Kaha, Kia Toa, Kia Manawanui!" which translates " Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Steadfast!"
 Two pics when I was being treated for cancer

8 - Where did you learn about how to treat the hair and skin with olive oil and coconut nut to cleanse and moisturise? 

Whoops!!! I missed out the olive oil and coconut oil! Blind fold me and make me walk the plank!!............... I have my Open Water so would probably just have fun in the water!!.... Coconut oil... when I was training to be a hairdresser in London, many years ago, clients paid a lot of money for coconut oil treatments with steam. It is very reasonable to buy, lay and soak in a steamy bath to let it soak in your skin and hair. Olive oil..... when I was going through cancer treatment in 2006 onwards and had no hair, I found the chemo lethal for the skin and radiotherapy burned me. I read that Sophia Loren used it.... and she is beautiful! I also learned that those eating a Mediterranean diet had much lower cancer rates. So I started using it inside and out!
For crying out loud!!!!
That's better!!

9 - how is your day?

My day is fabulous, bit tired but all good .

 About the photos: We found Pooh's home at one of the Queen's homes near us , Sandringham!
All Sandringham.

In a Castle just up the road from me.

Another favourite place to walk and think near Wisbech, English orchards!!!

10 - Many plans to 2015 ?

World domination as a Blogger and writer! Not much!
I want to help as many people as possible. .........teach them......feed much is needed in this world. .....

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