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Pole Dancer Gemma Lux is amazing - She told about her life and Pole Dance

  Gemma is so great and she has a brilliant career! She is so communicative, with a good vibe. She told me how the pole dance entered her life. Pole dance for her is to be free, she is always in love with one. She told me what she likes to do, several important things. She is a strong woman, an amazing lady, that loves to live and to express !!

1 - How is to live in Brandon, Florida? What do you like to do here, the places? Tell me more details about it. 

I love Brandon! Brandon is on the out skirts of Tampa Bay so it’s not very busy and is more rural. However, Brandon is growing fast! I love living in the Tampa Bay area. There are many beautiful beaches, lots of night life and fun things to do. When I find the time, I enjoy going to the beaches, and on the weekends & I love going out to eat at restaurants. I do go to clubs, and one of my favorite cities in Tampa Bay to hang out at is Ybor City. Ybor is our historic landmark district of Tampa. It’s very old and has lots of history. You can visit Ybor during the day and shop around, site see, and eat/drink. It’s small, but there’s lots of fun to be had in Ybor. Great shops, night clubs, tattoo parlors, movie theater, great music & cigar shops. There’s also a lot of adult fun Off Westshore in Tampa. My husband, our friends, and I enjoy going to one of the hot spot strip clubs called The Penthouse Club, Tampa. It’s also a 5 star restaurant and very classy. Thee DollHouse, Tampa is also another great hot spot in Tampa for the adult entertainment that we also enjoy visiting. Then there’s South Tampa. There is always lots to do in South Tampa which is more of the ritzy part of Tampa Bay. The food in South Tampa is freaking amazing! I mainly go to South Tampa to eat haha! But, South Tampa is also known for their college night life. College students flock to S. Tampa to party. Tampa is a very fun place to live!  

 2 - When did you decide to start the pole dance? Did you feel in love during your first class?

 I went to a local adult club called The Pink Pony to watch The Miss Pole Champ USA competition. I was in awe of the women who were competing. Particularly Vayda Kiss! R.I.P. Pole angel. Her physique was incredible and her stage presence was enchanting! I couldn’t believe that pole dancing took that much strength and flexibility. After that, I was convinced that I needed pole dance in my life. So I did a google search for Pole Dance studios in my area. I found Impulse Pole Dance & Exotic Fitness and the rest was history! Yes, I fell in love right away!

 3 - How is your training? Tell me about it. 

 I train about 3 times a week and I try to stretch every day. I consider my training to be when I teach pole dance classes too. I teach about 10-12 hours of classes per week. When I train, I practice for about an hour. I work on dance (includes floor work), spins, and tricks. Flowing into each movement is something I work on every time I train. I try not to bounce around from trick to trick. I try to stay focused on a few tricks per month so that I can perfect each move. But, that’s very difficult to do because of social media. There is always some new combo or trick and I want to do them all haha! But, it’s not smart to jump from trick to trick. We should work on perfecting the basics as it will help us later on when we work on for example the bird of paradise move. Without a strong outside leg hang this move is not possible. When we stretch we work middle and front splits over and over right? Same kind of thing. I love the quote “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times” - Bruce Lee
 4 - Tell me more about the pole dance's movement, which do you prefer? 

I love all aspects of pole dancing. I love the sexy side so much, but I also love the fact that it’s moving toward a more conservative side & Olympic sport. It’s incredible! People are beginning to see that pole dance is a sport! It takes so much time, sweat, tears, and dedication! Pole dancing allows women and men to reach deep inside our souls and find inner peace with ourselves. The pole world has created a path for us to accept who we are, embrace our flaws, and find our inner sexy. I prefer both sides, I do not judge or discriminate.
 5 - Flexibility is so important in Pole dance. You have a great flexibility. Was it complicated to get it? Explain more. 

 I grew up dancing, doing gymnastics, and cheerleading. So I was very flexible as a teenager. I was 28 when I started taking pole dance classes. I found that I still had some flexibility and was further along than many in class, but YES it was a struggle. It hurt so badly (hahah!), but with time & dedication my body started loosen up. You can do it people!
 6 - I like your videos about pole dance very much. Tell me more details about it. 

The videos I create and share are basically practice. I am sharing my pole journey with the world. I want people to see my struggles and my successes. I want people to see that if I can do it, so can they. I don’t post my fails, but believe me there are many lol! My pole friends encourage me to be better than I was yesterday. Because I teach pole dance classes, I am inspired daily by my students. I want to be better for them, and for me too J 

7 - Do you have some outstanding moments about your Pole dance and life to share? Tell me. 

  My very 1st studio showcase at Impulse Pole Dance….I was terrified!!!! But after I performed I was SO addicted and I wanted to do it again and again! The love and encouragement I felt after my 1st performance was unbelievable. The applause, and my pole momma Sarah Murray hooting and hollering for me was so heartwarming. I never had felt this kind of love and encouragement before in any other sport I participated in. The very 1st time I was on a big stage was for the annual charity event Pole For A Purpose, 2013. I performed with Impulse’s group (my home studio). I swear I almost threw up as I was dancing lol! But, after that performance I knew I wanted to be a performer! My now husband of almost 2 years proposed to me that too! One of the best nights of my entire life! The second time I performed in Pole For A Purpose, 2014 I showed the world my signature trick “The Lux”. I had no idea at the time that it wasn’t in the dictionary of pole tricks. I was just being creative one day practicing for the show with my fellow Impulse Instructors. I remember the crowds roar as I pulled out The Lux. It was amazing and you can see in the picture that was taken of me in the move from that night, how excited I was! Biggest smile on my face. Also Cleo The Hurricane (who has also been my hero, mentor, inspiration, and promotor, Thank you Cleo!!!) was there that year! She performed! She was freaking AMAZING! I’ll never forget that night EVER!

 8 - How was to be blonde for the day? You always create a new style in your hair. Do you like it?

 LOL It was great! I kept it for about a week. I’m sure I’ll go back to blonde someday, but that’s a huge commitment because I am a brunette. I love my purple hair look though. I am the type of person that gets bored with my look easily. I love hair and make-up as this is another passion of mine.

 9 - About clothes, what do you like to wear in every situations? Do you have a passion for high-heeled shoes haven’t? 

 I looooove platform stilettos. If I could bare to wear them all the time, I would. But, my feel just can’t handle that hahaha! These days my look is leggings and a top and my favorite everyday shoe is a sandal (I’m a Florida girl all the way) in the summer and spring. During the fall and winter month, I rock combat boots with my skinny jeans or leggings. If I could live in leggings I would! (Cleo’s Rock N Pole leggings are awesome!)
 10 - Do you like tattoos? 

 I love tattoos. I have 3 tattoos myself, that I plan on adding to & making larger. J 

 11 - You have a great energy and vibe. Tell me about your personality. 

 Thank you! I strive to be a positive & uplifting person.” Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”. I try to put off good energy into the universe, because I know that doing this will bring me good things. I also am aware of the shadow that I cast. I don’t want my shadow to be a negative one. I want people to think of Gemma Lux and only feel good things. I love to love!
 12 - Do you feel free when you are doing Pole dance? Pole dance is a lifestyle for you?

 Yes, pole dancing is my life now. It is my freedom to express myself. If I am having a bad day, I pole dance the pain away. It actually works! I hear from women all the time that after pole dance class they feel so much better. This applies to any activity though. Pole Dance de-stresses. Pole Dance is life for me. I work full time at Impulse and I also manage.

 13- Do you have many places in the world? Are there some special place you would like to know?

 I have not visited many places although traveling is a life goal. Unfortunately it costs so much money to travel. I would love to go to Australia & Europe! But, I know that there are so many beautiful places in the world. Kinda hard to choose haha!

 14 - What do you like to eat? Do you have a healthy food?

 I do like to eat healthy, but I also like to eat pizza and desserts lol. I try to balance eating healthy and allowing myself a treat here and there. It’s all about moderation. On a daily basis I eat eggs, chicken, avocado, salads, fruits & vegetables & lots of water. I have coffee every day, that’s like my treat in the morning. I use creamer to sweeten it up, if not for creamers I would not drink coffee hahha.

 15- What do you think about sensuality in Pole dance? 

There are many genres of pole dance these days, but I love the sensuality of pole dance. I love rolling around on the floor, clacking my heels, body waves, hair flicks, splits, kicks, and hip gyrating movements too! Pole dance to me is all about finding your sexy and then being okay with expressing it. Again it’s that whole acceptance thing I mentioned above. Like it or not, pole dance is a very sexy sport. Many main stream dancers out there don’t understand or respect the sensual side of our sport. But, they also dance sexy. For instance, Jazz & ballroom can be VERY sassy & sexy. I watch dance shows on TV and I see so much sexiness in the routines. They just don’t have a pole next to them, so I guess that changes things hahahah!

16 - During the pole dance, do you have some music preferred?

 These days I am finding more of my flow with music like Melodic Dubstep. But, to be honest I don’t discriminate when it comes to music. I love to dance to it all. I recently performed to Led Zeppelin “Stairway to Heaven” and was told by the people watching that they never thought a pole dancer would ever dance to that song and make it sexy. Amy Hazel has an incredible performance to that song! Check it out! 

17 - Leave a message, whatever you want. 

I just want people out there to find happiness. Life it too short to worry about what your family is going to think or live in fear in any way. It’s important we find ourselves in the crazy world. I found myself in pole dancing. So go explore people! Never give up on your dreams. If you don’t have goals or dreams, try to find one! Always keep movin and shakin and keep smiling. Don’t let people steal your joy. Keep struttin! 
 Gemma Lux  💛 💛 💛

Gemma Lux I really loved our interview!! It was a pleasure!! You deserve only great things in your live!! You're Blessed!!  Congrat's for you and your husband!!!

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