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Interview with Catherine Meadley - Amazing Pole dancer!

 Catherine is a person that has a great career with the Pole dance. She told me about her days, life, things like to do and several others things about pole dance, because she really loves it!! She is so kind, educated, it was great our interview my friend!! You will grow up every single day more and more!! You have the power.

 1 - How did you decide to practice pole dance ? Did you have some professional that inspire you? 

 I'd been interested in doing pole dancing for a while, I can't even remember what first attracted me to it! Then one of my friends work colleagues started posting photos so I found out where she went to and joined the class! After that I fell in love and got my own pole and from there was self taught, mainly being inspired by Felix Cane and lots of other random pole dancers. (my favorite video when I started was actually this one, with a hilarious commentator: Link )
2 - How is your training? explain more details.

 I train pole normally 3/4 times a week for about 3/4 hours at a time but I also include some gym sessions, flexibility training and some aerial and dance to keep it different! My favorite place to train is The Pole Studio, Dorking at Taylors Farm, especially in the summer when it's nice and warm!

 3 - How is to live in Kelowna, British Columbia? Tell me what do you like to do here, the places you like to go here. And the pole dance here ?

 I don't actually live there, I spent last winter there and fell in love with the place so didn't change it! I bought my pole so just trained on that. It was a little lonely always training on my own but it was in the mountains and I got to snowboard as well so it was lovely.

 4 - How was the MPDUK 2015? Was it a great experience? 

 MPDUK was incredible! It was great to be competing with Jess Leanne Norris as her winning performance was the first one from MPD I watched and the routine that made me decide I was going to enter it (back when I had first started).

  5 - You put on facebook " All the essentials packed... Snowboarding yay"! Amazing this photo, Tell me some details.

 I have spent the last 2 months working in France and snowboarding as that is another huge passion of mine! However I have decided to return early as I have been missing training and have other exciting plans to be getting on with! (and I can't handle that many late nights tee hee)

 6 - Did you do some Awesome Cali, Finland trip and Vegas. Tell me about it. too much Pole dance in these trips?

  I traveled around California (and stopped at Vegas) with my Dad as he had a film in Newport Film Festival in LA. This trip was incredible! We saw Cirque du Soliel and I was lucky enough to train with the amazing Jenyne Butterfly who is so inspiring and lovely.
Finland was an aerial training trip with my best friend and competition chaperone, Hannah, which was 4 days of intense aerial training, including cloud swing which I recommend trying! Last but definitely not least was Vegas for Pole Expo! I got the chance to train at Shine Studios with some of the best pole dancers, which was great because it's so inspiring watching people who are that good. Not to mention moves are always more impressive in person than on youtube

 7- About the Pole dance's movements, Explain more. Are there some hardest? which do you like to do? 

I think it's hard to label moves are hardest (to an extent) as it all depends on what you practice more and what your body naturally enjoys. My friend, Hannah, finds the flexibility moves the easiest, while I have to work a little hard at those. But on the other side, I enjoy more of the flippy/dynamic moves.

 8 - Do you like cosmetics ?

  I LOVE cosmetics! I really enjoy how different you can make things appear from what they are. I find that with all performance/photography, you can capture what you want, but hide all the sweat and imperfections and pain to get something that looks really beautiful, for however short a time.

 9 - What do you like to wear during the day, at Pole dance training and during others situations? Tell me also about accessories and high-heeled shoes.

 During the day, I tend to wear leggings, sports bras and plain tops with cozy jumpers. Sports bra and shorts for training (I love Dragonfly, it's so soft!). I love having an occasion to dress up for so I can wear heels, which normally will only last for five minutes!

 10 - Do you have some specials care with the feet? Feet is importat in Pole dance. 

I train my feet everyday, I just find it more comfortable. If I have been wearing shoes for a long time I like to stretch out my feet in both directions, and lots of work on pointe.

 11 - Do you have some prefer food? Do you take care about it? 

  I love salmon, broccoli and sweet potato!! I do take care of what I eat, it helps you to heal and feel good when you are exercising a lot, but I also prefer to eat something unhealthy than be hungry as I get a little grumpy when I don't eat.

12- Do you have some outstanding moments about your Pole dance and life to share ? Tell me. 

Well I think winning my category at UKPPC was a really great moment! Last year was my 3rd year entering the video heats of the competition, and twice I hadn't made it to the finals, so it was great to end up winning it! Another outstanding moment for me was a really small competitions, Pole Factor, held in Brighton. It was the first time on stage I felt for a small moment that I could enjoy being on stage, every time before then the whole experience had just been terrifying.

 13 - Are you a great woman, so professional. Pole and Flexibility Instructor, Personal Trainer and Performer. Tell me about all these things.

 Thank you! Well I love teaching and seeing progress in students as I know how happy I am when I manage a new move! I mainly incorporate elements of Personal Training into pole instruction as my main interest is in teaching pole, I'm not that interested in helping someone achieve only aesthetic goals. Performing is probably, after training, where my main passion is. I love moving to music and in general and getting to pretend to be someone else is great fun!

  14 - did you study Neuroscience? Amazing your choice. 

 Haha yes! It's a little different to pole dancing and really interesting! At the time I went to University I had only just started pole dancing and was very interested in science, planning to continue on to PhD. However, I found my love in pole and fitness!

15 - Do you feel free doing Pole dance? Is it a lifestyle for you ? 

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing pole! Any form of movement makes me feel very free and happy in myself and I love learning new ways to move and use my body! It definitely has become a lifestyle, it changes the way you view food (to more of a fuel and healing attitude) and the importance I put on sleep, and also my understanding of my body!

 16 - You have many flexibility. What the secret to get it for you? 

  I think believe that you can get flexible! My progress always stops when I begin to doubt myself! Just consistent effort, listening to your body if you feel pain and enjoying the movement, not always worrying about how good you are! (the actual stretches would take a long time to go into, but I am slowly making additions to my blog on this topic!)

17 - Leave a message, Tell me about whatever you want.

  Well firstly, if you are considering pole dancing, JUST DO IT! Second, make sure you are supportive and surround yourself with others that also are! It can be so easy to feel insecure both with bodies and with ability, and it's important to be happy with where you are and to support your friends with where they are! In the long run it helps you all grow!

Photos: Antony Meadley, Phil Dear and Jamie Ricketts.

Photo 4 - "Amazing Xmas with @vickyelston!! I love you, you amazing chicken!! Soo much fun getting to spend the day with you!"

Photo 13 - Catherine Meadley with her friend Lucy Jenner at  La Tania, France.

Instagram of  Catherine Meadley: Link

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